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Online Services

About online xxxxxxxxxx

  • To xxxxx your xxxx, log in to your account (details below).
  • xxxx are submitted via a secure payment gateway.
  • The library does not retain your credit or debit card information.

How to xxx your xxxx online

  1. On the library homepage (, click "My Account."

    Library homepage

  2. Enter your library card number (without spaces) and your PIN, which should be your 7-digit phone number (no area code and no dashes.)

    Note: if you're using a phone, you will need to view the desktop version to pay fines—click here or scroll down for details.

    Library account login screen

  3. Click "View Fines."

    Library account dashboard

  4. Select the fines you would like to pay. The check box next to "Pay Fines" will select all fines, or you can check the boxes for individual fines if you don't wish to pay all of your fines. After checking the box(es), click "Pay Fines."

    Library fines page

  5. You'll see a popup window informing you of the $0.50 convenience fee. If you don't see this pop-up window, you may need to allow pop-ups; here are instructions for enabling pop-ups.

    Convenience fee popup

  6. Enter your credit or debit card information. Your billing information should be automatically filled out based on the mailing address we have in our system.

    Billing information form

  7. After clicking "Pay Now" in the checkout pop-up window, your balance will be automatically updated on your library account page.

    Library fines page: payment received

For assistance, please call 910-259-1234.

How to xxx your xxx on your smartphone

  1. Tap the little grid icon in the upper right corner.

    Mobile account dashboard

  2. Tap "Home."

    Go to home

  3. Tap "Desktop Version."

    Go to desktop version

  4. The desktop version may not display well on your phone, so you may need to scroll to the right to see the button taking you to your account page.

    Scroll to the right

  5. Tap "[Your name]'s Account."

    View account

  6. Click here to return to "Step 3: View Fines," or just scroll back up the page in this tutorial.

For assistance, please call 910-259-1234.