Behavior Policies

The Pender County Public Library seeks to maintain an environment that is attractive, comfortable, and conducive to using library resources. Library users have a right to assume that visits to the library will be free from physical discomfort and danger and free from psychological and emotional stress. The library staff basically have the same rights under which to perform their duties. To these ends the Library has established the following Code of Conduct:


  1. ...engaging in loud conversation or laughter which is disturbing to others; use obscene or abusive language; play radios or other noise producing devices which is disturbing to others.
  2. ...voluntarily making a persistent noise or persistent noises which disturbs another person in the library after the disturbed person or a library employee has asked the noise-maker to stop.
  3. ...eating, drinking, or using tobacco products in the library. Eating and drinking are only allowed in the tiled lobbies in connection with an approved function in the meeting rooms.
  4. ...bringing a weapon into or possess a weapon in the library. This prohibition does not apply to police officers carrying service weapons in accordance with their department's policies.
  5. ...loitering or roving through the facilities displaying no apparent intention of using library resources or materials; lying down, dozing, or sleeping in the library. This rule shall not apply to children under the age of six.
  6. ...bringing, selling, or possessing in the library alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.
  7. ...skating, skateboarding, or riding bikes on the sidewalks or parking lot other than arriving or departing.
  8. ...Harassing another person. Harassment includes all unwanted or abusive attention by word (or verbal) , act, look, or gesture.
  9. ...distributing leaflets, performing surveys, asking individuals to sign petitions, or similar activities on library property without approval. Exceptions are activities that are library sponsored. Community organizations may submit fliers to library administration for review for posting or distribution from lobby literature racks or bulletin boards.
  10. ...bringing animals, except handicapped aid animals, into in the library unless associated with a library program.
  11. ...not wearing shoes and shirts. Indecent exposure is prohibited within state law.
  12. ... engaging in any other behavior that infringes on the rights of other patrons to use the library and its' facilities peacefully and with enjoyment.

Violation of these rules may result in staff asking violators to leave the premises. Repeated violations of a serious nature (repeated harassment, verbal or physical assault, etc.) may result in the County to suspend all library privileges, including coming onto library property, for a defined time determined by the severity and history of the offense. To return during this period would be considered trespassing under NC statutes and law enforcement officials will be called. If the person is banned again, the ban may be considered permanent.