Fines & Fees

Fines & Fees 6/13/11updated

PENDER COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM Book Drops are available for the return of library materials when libraries are closed. Items are not overdue if returned before 10 AM time the next business day. Renewals are accepted by telephone. Renewing and/or placing items on hold will be contingent upon the item(s) availability and restriction. If you have question contact us at 910-259-1234.

Charge per Day
Maximum $
per Item
1. Hardback books (2 wk loan for new fiction; all others 3 wk loan for all others) $.10/day up to $5.00
2. Paperback books (3 wk loan) $.10/day up to $2.00
3. Audio books (2 wk loan/limit5) $.20/day up to $5.00
3. Playaways (2 wk loan/limit 5) $.20/day up to $5.00
4. Magazines (2wk loan, back issues at least 3 months old only; limit 5) $.10/day up to $2.00
5. VHS Videos (1 wk loan/limit 4) $1.00/day up to $5.00
6. DVD (4 nights/limit 4; 1 renewal) $1.00/day up to $5.00
7. Audiovisual Equipment (3 day loan) $2.00/day up to $6.00
8. Book Bags (not including contents)(3week loan, Limit 1 per family; return inside only) $.25/day up to $3.00
9. Book Bag Items(3 week loan, Limit 1 bag per family; return inside only) $.10/day per item up to $3.00
10. CD Music(1 week loan; limit 5) $.20/day up to $5.00

1. Lost/stolen library card replacement $3.00
2. Out-of County library card applicants unless you meet one of the following exemptions: Free lending privileges for all residents of Pender County. Free service, by reciprocal agreement, is given to residents of Duplin, Bladen, Sampson and Columbus counties. Free service is provided to those who have an out-of-county address but can show proof of owning property in Pender County, or who have an in-county employment address. All others must purchase a library card.
$25.00 annually
3. Interlibrary Loan Search: For articles, there may be additional copy/handling fees from the supplying library. $3.00 per book title
4. Photocopy per page $.10
5. Computer Printouts per page $.10 per black and white page; $.25 per color page
6. Films/videos from State Library Return postage
7. Returned checks $25.00
8. Internet Guess Passes $1.00 per log-in
9. Debit Collection Fee $10.00 per account